Young people get amongst it!

It was exciting to be part of this article in the U on Sunday Magazine (in the Sunday Mail in Queensland). Room to Read, Volunteering Qld, Flood Aid, World Vision / Vision Generation, and the Salvation Army all get a mention!

It was particularly cool to see the research I have been working on with VQ, Youth Leading Youth, being discussed in this forum. I’m so passionate about young people participating in community, and about traditional organisations valuing the contribution of young (and all!) volunteers.

That’s perhaps why the opening commentary from editor Belinda Hickman-Newton struck such a chord:

Today I’ve decided to stop tut-tutting to myself when I see the late-teen and 20-something lads with long fringes hanging in their eyes and the girls wearing micro-minis and torn pantyhose.

I should know better than to pigeonhole people, because they are likely to be the youth who stand shoulder to shoulder with some of the young volunteers (Page 14) we should all be proud of.

Instead of being absorbed in their own self- importance, Jenny, Kate, Rachael and Adrian shatter the Generation Y stereotype cast by social commentators.

Instead, they lead by example in the social justice stakes; they are dedicated activists with a strong sense of community; and they are hyper- aware that nothing changes if nothing changes.

They have taken responsibility for making a difference, and they join the growing band of young Queenslanders who fend for children, feed the hungry and fundraise for those less fortunate.

It’s comforting to know these people will be among our next generation of leaders – leaders with compassion and humility.

Wouldn’t that make the world a better place.

You can click on the images below to open a PDF of the article and have a read.


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