Hello world.

It’s been a long time between posts here – no spectacular excuse, really, other than that very broad, general thing called LIFE. Pesky bugger, that one. Though I shouldn’t complain, not when life only (apparently) prevents blog posts because it is filled with all this good stuff.

At the risk of appearing #soblessed, the last year or so (it’s been a while between drinks on this site) has included #goldcoastlyfe #finishedmymasters #youthgroupleader #hilarioustoddler #terribletwos #pregnancy #sotired #everythinghurts #newborn #stilltired, and of course it’s all been proudly brought to you by #coffee.

However if something is important and worthwhile, we manage to find the time to squeeze it in. I do enjoy the opportunity to tease out some of the thoughts and half-baked concepts that bounce around in my head sometimes, so my intention is to pick up on this writing thing and continue to share some reflections on life with the world through this blog.

I’ll snatch time when I can….



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