Decisions, change and the #goldcoastlifestyle

I’m not a big fan of change. Before change, there usually comes decisions, and I’m not the most decisive person around. After the decision, there’s all that unknown-ness. The new-ness. The “have I might the right decision”-ness. Gah, change. I much prefer to stick with what I know.

The funny thing is, plenty of people who know me and read that last paragraph would think I have absolutely no grasp of myself and my own thoughts, given how much change I have knowingly unleashed on myself in recent years – often at rather inauspicious times. I’ve made seemingly sudden changes in my academic direction (unexpectedly dropping degrees halfway), have switched from a corporate career to an unpaid non-profit role, to our own business, and now adding a few kids in the mix. We’ve moved cities at short notice, and I’ve moved house twice while pregnant, and once with a newborn.

Actually, better make that twice. As this weekend we’re moving again, and little B is 7 weeks old. FUN TIMES AHEAD, people!

I don’t quite know why or how a person like me continues to make so many decisions with such significant consequences. Trust me, a lot of thinking goes into each of those decisions – there are many “pros and cons” lists written up, many scenarios compared and quite a bit of prayer and reflection. None of these decisions are as rash as they may seem from the outside.

The best part, though, is that I do not regret a single major decision I have made in my life.

Having moved to the Gold Coast two years ago for ‘business reasons’, I never thought I would really, deeply enjoy living here. But you know, it’s a special part of the world and I love it! I’m so grateful we had the opportunity to move here as I have met some very special people and experienced a lifestyle that would not have come so easily living where I did in Brisbane.

With that in mind – somewhat of a quest for the #goldcoastlifestyle, perhaps – we’re moving again, at fairly short notice. In fact we’re moving this weekend – a fact that hasn’t quite sunk in as I sit surrounded by a house with not a shred of packing done. Ah well, nothing like cutting it fine!

We’ve decided that we may as well really, truly experience the Gold Coast while we can, so we’re moving to the beach! Palm Beach, actually, at the southern end of the Gold Coast (though it should only take us marginally longer to visit family and friends in Brisbane, given proximity to the highway is much better down there than where we are now). We have managed to find a lovely place to rent that is super close to the beach. See the picture below – this is going to be our bedroom. See that blue stuff? SURF! From our bedroom window. THE BEACH. Much excited.


Even better, over the last few days I have (seemingly randomly) connected with various people in that part of the GC with values and interests that are really aligned with mine. How amazing when things fall into place, right?

Despite all the apparent ‘successes’, I’m still no fan of change. It’s still stressful and difficult and all those other negative words. So let’s hope this move goes smoothly and, once again, we have no regrets and only gratitude for all the opportunities our lives bring!


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