The Reshuffle of 2016

There’s been a reallocation of duties in the Geale household this week, as we set out into a new season of our lives. We have a new Minister taking on Early Childhood and Higher Education, while there’s also been changes in the Small Business portfolio. Yep, that’s right – I’m working full-time!

When I find myself explaining our new arrangement, it does sound like we’ve got ourselves a little confused – I’m now working full-time in Michael’s business, while he will no longer be working, but instead be studying a Ministry degree and looking after the girls! It’s a complete role-reversal, given that I haven’t worked full-time for many years (instead studying, volunteering, and looking after the kids) while Michael started in his own business while still at school.

Luckily there’s no preciousness in our place around who does the earning, caring, cooking, cleaning, learning or other things. We’ve always tried to look at our lives as a team (or as a former consulting colleague observed, we “take a portfolio view” of our activities!), which has given us the chance to explore opportunities that may not otherwise have been possible. It’s enabled me to do my Masters and to dedicate sizeable chunks of time to some community and volunteer projects over the years, and to make use of the flexibility in our lives during physically challenging times (think: chronic morning sickness – times two – that had me housebound). It’s allowed Michael to grow two successful businesses, adapt his schedule to spend quality time with the girls, and now to embark on some study of his own. And it allows us to play to our strengths at different times in our lives – cleaning, for example, is not one of my strengths. Let’s hope our new Minister for Early Childhood is a whizz with the washing machine!

Bunnings AKA “Funnings”

I’m really excited about this new season, though, as it marks a shift in the collective focus of our lives towards something with a real personal meaning for us. It’s going to mean some big changes – but as I’ve written about previously, we seem to gravitate towards life change! I’m looking forward to seeing Michael spend days with both girls, doing all those things I don’t tend to do with the kids (like regular trips to Bunnings, or creative use of the single stroller to accommodate two tired children).

I don’t think this is a recommended configuration. Tie-downs definitely not included.

Meanwhile I get to challenge myself with some significant work projects (this is something I am genuinely excited about, believe it or not!).

There will be bumps on the road, I’m sure, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Onwards and upwards, 2016!


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